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There's a million ways to laugh, and every one's a path.

Come on and join together with the band!

11 May 1990
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♠ Hello everyone! ♠

If you've stumbled upon this page, chances are you want to know a bit about me. Well, I'm happy to oblige! Firstly, my name is Christina. People online call me by a few different things, the most common of which being Moonie. I'm happy with pretty much anything, haha.

I'm 20 years old, though I'm neither mature or immature. I was born in central Florida and I've lived here my entire life (so far). I could do without the relentless humidity, but it's not a bad place I suppose. I've been told I'm an old soul, and I'd have to admit that I take a bit of pride in that. I love "classic rock" and older movies and shows. I've got a wide range of interests, so it isn't hard to find something in common with me. =]

My journal is friends-only, but if you comment on my F-O post chances are I'll add you. I'm really easy-going with that sort of thing. :3 I just don't take kindly to people I've never talked to or seen around before adding me out of the blue without so much as a comment.

I'm a generally shy and quiet person. It usually takes a while for me to come out of my shell with people irl. It gets frustrating for me, because I want nothing more than to always be the sometimes spazzy, always snarky, clown that I am with my family and online. I love to make others laugh, it brings me great satisfaction. My favourite thing to do is laugh, m'self. :3

What sorts of things can you expect from my journal?

Well hell, anything and everything! Mostly I post about my day-to-day life, all aspects of it. Now, as I'm a homebody and can't seem to find a job (I've been looking!), it can get pretty boring. So I enjoy writing about interesting dreams I've had, sometimes following them up with an analysis of sorts. Sometimes I post completely random things that I find amusing. More often than anything however, I use my journal as an outlet for my massive bouts of fangirling. ;; While I don't scream (or type) mindlessly, or stalk people like a crazy person, I am...A complete and utter fangirl.

You've been warned, pard. ;P

My main fandoms:
-Star Trek
-The Who
-The Magnificent Seven (tv series)
-Monty Python
-Deadliest Catch
-Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe
-The Wiggles

Triggers of fangirling:
-Brent Spiner
-Gary Oldman
-Robert Downey Jr.
-Keith Moon
-Anthony Starke
-Paul Paddick, Anthony Field, Sam Moran

General likes:
-Australia and England
-Napoleonic era, civil war, old west, the 60s, 70s, &90s
-Humour and wit
-Quoting things

. . . . . . . . .'innit that a daisy?

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